Saturday, October 27, 2012

Big Sale at Northcoast Open Studios this year!

I am planning a move to Santa Rosa in the nextyear, so I am avidly shedding possessions - including most of
my paintings, after over 30 years
of living and working in the same space.
I see the move and the load lightening as clearing the
way for new creative and life explorations.

I'm going to have a box of $10 each or 3 for $20.
and another box of $5 each or 3 for $10 plus more

Feel free to call for a studio visit if you'd like to
see more of my work, or stop by Arcata Artisans Cooperative,
where I am a member and regularly exhibit my art.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Raven-haired Angel

This is a mixed media angel on paper.
I'm listing it on etsy. She is a bit timid, but
also right at home in nature. She is standing
in the winter with a sleeveless shift.

I like to do angels because they are sort
of like self portraits of my better self.
They are also ally/helper spirits that get
me through difficult times or commemorate
events in my life.

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