Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Upcoming Show (July) at Arcata Artisans

I'm getting ready for another show at Arcata Artisans. As a member, I get to have a show with two other members in the Featured Artist Gallery every year.

It's been 8 years now, and each time I try to come up with something "new" to display. I've created a lot of different bodies of work to do this. Among them "the Art of Food" - pictures about food and eating, "Maps" -
 a series exploring the journey of the heart, mind and what regions look like from the perspective of my vision; "Early Botanicals" - a series of drawings and paintings based upon very early scientific drawings and "Ordinary Angels and Goddesses" and "the Lost Family" - pictures painted on fence boards that depict
young men and women with a background of stars and stripes.

This time it is "Alchemical Diagrams" - based upon very early drawings about chemistry. Alchemy is the transformation of base materials to precious materials.It is a metaphor for transformation - the process of becoming wise.

It's awkward coming up with new work. I know I can always rely on the old tried and true Dog and Cat painting. But it is also rewarding and challenging to try new things. The more I push myself, the more I learn about myself, and art, and the world.

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